The Reflexive Life Planner

 Life at Your Natural Pace

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‘Set peace as your highest goal and plan your life around it.’ (inspired by Brian Tracy)

The RLP is available in pink and green, and is an A4 PDF Download. You can print and fill in the document manually, or you can save your ink by using the fill in form function on the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader Software. The title’s font is Lobster.

We spend most of our time trying to compete with others and follow paths and inspiration that has come before us.

But is there any point trying to plan your life until you understand your needs properly? And what helps you function at your best? What works for others won’t always work for us!

This simple, yet effective printable Reflexive Life Planner will help you to reflect on what you really want out of life so you can design a life conducive to your unique personality. We thrive when we start to live at our own pace instead of striving to meet the expectations of society and others.

I wrote this planner for myself during a time when I was trying to disconnect from the noise in my life and find the real me! I spent 25 years trying to live my life and achieve my goals at the worlds speed, and ended up burning out. I learned that I personally needed to slow down and restructure my life, allowing myself rest periods to truly flourish! I want you to find your personal remedy.

‘You have your own natural pace. This Planner will help you follow it’. (Inspired by @dailyzen)

The first half of this planner is dedicated to reflecting on your thought patterns, personal needs, and preferences.

Once, and only once, you have an idea of what you really need and how to meet those needs, should you move on to the second half of the planner, which includes calendars and lists for you to fill in with your newly paced lifestyle.

If you are ready to start living life at your natural pace, please purchase your Reflexive Life Planner by selecting the colour of your choice:  

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With gratitude.

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