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The Truth of Fear by Krystal Kimberly We tend to think of fear in terms of fearing the unknown, of fearing a future event. However, if we think carefully, we are usually afraid of the known, not the unknown (hence why children are usually carefree). We can only really be frightened of what we know to be true.


The Truth of Freedom by Krystal Kimberly I find that when I feel at my most hopeless and acknowledge and accept things exactly as they are, I am free. Not the kind of freedom that involves meadows of flowers and skies of fluffy clouds, but the type of freedom that respects and accepts the reality of the current moment. 


Women’s Issues:

10 Reasons Why there is Nothing More Remarkable than a Fearless and Authentic Woman by Ash Pariseu Authenticity is knowing who you are and having the audacity to live it. It is a practice to be learned –  of letting go of who we think we are supposed to be and becoming brave enough to be true to who we actually are.



Can a Daughter be a Woman? Can a Son be a Man? By Krystal Kimberly  ‘Enmeshment is a psychological term that describes a blurring of boundaries between people, typically family members. Enmeshment often contributes to dysfunction in families and may lead to a lack of autonomy and independence that can become problematic.’- Good Therapy.



Harare’s Park Bench Grandma’s: Outdoor Therapy  The therapy room is a patch of waste ground, and the therapist’s couch a wooden bench under a tree. The therapist is an elderly Zimbabwean woman, in a long brown dress and headscarf. Her patients call her Grandmother” when they come along to sit on her bench and discuss their feelings, their depression or other mental health issues.” ~ Ranga Mberi in Harare 


The First Black Female Psychologist by Dr. Ludy T. Benjamin Jr. Inez Beverly Prosser, PhD, had a most improbable life. Born into a family of 11 children at the end of the 19th century in south central Texas and educated in its “colored schools,” she taught for 18 years, earning a PhD in psychology in 1933, the first such degree earned by a woman of her race.


A Sense of Identity Film: a documentary which explores black identity in the UK today. Sense of Identity is a documentary which explores black identity in the UK today. Explored through drama, poetry and fused with interviews from scholars , activists and artists. Includes an informative Interview with Dr Isha Mckenzie-Mavinga.




Image result for deep sleep black womanAcceptance and Commitment Therapy for Insomnia (ACT-I) by Dr Guy Meadows Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) offers a unique and gentle non-drug based approach to overcoming chronic insomnia. It seeks to increase people’s willingness to experience the conditioned physiological and psychological discomfort commonly associated with not sleeping.